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Creating Pages

Create and Follow a Wiki Link

One way to create a new page is by creating a wiki link to it from another page. For example, suppose I was working on a page about spoken languages and I want to link to a new page about Norwegian as type of spoken language. Then I could create the link:
Subsequently, clicking on the link would take me into edit mode for the new page.

Browse to a URL

You can also initiate a new page by browsing to the URL that you would like the page to reside at. It's probably worth taking a moment to decide the hierarchy one would like. Suppose for example, you want to write about the Catalan Language. You may create a page at:
On the other hand, you may want to write about the Perl computer programming language. This could be done at:
In either case, simply type in the URL of the page you want to create, then you will be prompted to create it.

Wiki Syntax

You can choose one of two wiki sytnax for you wiki. Either textile or markdown. See the Site Settings for the option to choose. When in edit mode, one can access a help link to either wiki syntax. One can also use or mixin HTML.